Don’t just wish you were a Web Designer, Become one


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My best advice to anyone who asks me about career choices is that you should do something that you love. We spend most of our active years at work so make sure what you do makes you happy. If what you do happens to pay very well then that is a bonus because you are going to be happy doing the job and you will smile all the way to the bank as they say.

Speaking of smiling all the way to the bank, I was browsing through the internet and I saw what web designers earn in South Africa according to . If I earned an average of about R17 000 every month and possibly more with experience, forget smiling, I’d probably lose my mind all the way to the bank (in a good way). This is not to say that every web designer out there is earning this much but these are the possibilities according to actual salary surveys carried out by experts.

Are you interested in all things internet related and think you would enjoy creating images for websites? If you study to become a web designer you will learn basic knowledge of website editing, planning and design; creating links and applying different styles in Dream Weaver lessons. You will get lessons in programs like Adobe illustrator and learn how to create documents, shapes and illustrations as well as applying color to your illustrations. Creative work is always very fulfilling to creative minds.

Sounds awesome ha? My web designer colleague sitting next to me now says it is. You could imagine what it’s like to be a web designer or you could call Skills Academy and enroll for a course…


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