5 Study Tips for Correspondence Students

So you are on your own, no teacher in front of you and no fellow bookworms to inspire you to soldier on? It can be tough to get motivated when you are studying from home and it can also be very boring.

So…what to do?
Try these tips to spice up your study sessions and you may realise that studying from home is the best experience ever!

Try different locations for your study sessions.
skills academy, study tips for correspondence students
You have an advantage over students on campus who are limited to either the library or a classroom. You can go anywhere to study. You can try the park or the beach on a weekday morning. Depending on the surroundings you’ll find that there are hardly any people there to disturb you. You can go to the local library if you want to be in a place with other people studying. If you’d rather stay at home try different parts of the house or yard. Personally I like a bit of sun especially with Cape Town’s chilly weather and a little spot in the house where the sun comes in is my favourite spot :).

Find a study buddy.


skills academy, study tios for correspondence students

Whether you know it or not, there is someone in your circles who is studying right now. If not your friends or family then a friend’s friend. Find out who you can sit with from time to time so you can study together and stay motivated. You don’t have to be studying the same thing but seeing someone else study can be encouraging.

Try to study daily/regularly.
Do not wait until the last minute to complete assignments. That means you will have a mountain of work to go through and you will overwhelm your brain and end up not understanding anything. Even if you work or have children to take care of, try to get in at least an hour or 2 to study so that closer to the deadline you will only be revising familiar material.

Keep in touch with your tutor/course expert.

Most good colleges will provide support for you. Use it. Contact them with all your questions so that you are always on the right track with your understanding of the material. Even if you get what is going on, just confirm things so that you do not lead yourself astray.

Don’t stop, no excuses!!!.

skills academy, study tips for correspondence students
It’s easy to say you couldn’t study because work was hectic, or there was no one to look after the children or you had the flue for the past couple of weeks or something else. What happens is that life will not stop until everything in your life is sorted. Make a plan, make time and keep going.

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