All the Best Black Friday Sales 2018

Are you ready? With Black Friday right around the corner, everyone wants to know the best Black Friday deals and where to find them. We don’t have a crystal ball that lets us tell you the specials but we have managed to find some of the specials and some useful information. We’ve compiled the best Black Friday deals into this article for you right here so keep reading! black friday 2018 date south africa

Pick n Pay (pnp) is one of the biggest supermarkets in South Africa as we all know. They have released a sneak peek of the PnP Black Friday specials. They will be offering specials on electronics, coffee, home, outdoor, baby items, beauty products, fresh food, and many other products too. The best part is even though many of their specials are one day only specials, they are running specials for three days! That’s right the PnP Black Friday specials will run from Friday 23 November to Sunday 25 November.

Another popular shop that is running specials is the furniture store Russels. While we don’t know what exactly we can expect from Russells Black Friday 2018 specials, they have been kind enough to provide you with a checklist of things to get ready before you go shopping. You can have a look at the checklist here.

We don’t know what is on the list for the Travelstart Black Friday 2018 sale yet either but they have also created a list of tips to help you get the best deals possible. We know that the Takealot Black Friday 2018 deals will be amazing as they are every year. The best part is that they have said that there will be no issues with the pages going offline like they did last year and they also created a list of tips to help you get the best deals. You can see the Travelstart list here and the Takealot list here. Also on the topic of travel, there is also a FlySafair Black Friday 2018 sale and Flightcenter is advertising up to 70% off on some of their tour packages. STA Travel is having their Black Friday Blue Sale. If you look around a bit you will find many Black Friday travel deals in 2018.

Something many people are excited for are the Game Black Friday 2018 specials. What you might not know is that last week some of the specials were leaked early onto the internet. You can find them by clicking here. What you probably don’t know is that Game has commented on the leak and said that not only are those specials correct but that they are also many others that are not listed in that brochure!

For the ladies out there who love jewellery or the men who want to find that special girl in their life something special, there is a Pandora Black Friday 2018 sale. While not much is know about their specials yet, something that is known is that if you buy products to a certain value you will get a free gift. While the prices on Pandora might not be the cheapest out there, nor is the free gift you will receive.

For the fashionistas out there we have some good news. Not only is there a Zando Black Friday sale but they have also released a preview of their sales online. If you follow this link you will get a look at some of the specials. They have discounts on brands like Adidas, Puma, and Sissyboy.

While there is no concrete information about a Tekkie Town Black Friday sale, digital coupon site Picodi has a link mentioning a Black Friday sale so keep your eyes peeled for Tekkie Town Black Friday specials.

Hopefully, this will help you get a bit of a head start on your Black Friday 2018 shopping and help you to get those great deals before it is too late.


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Written by: Clifford Ekron

Last updated: November 19, 2018