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I have learned many lessons throughout my career. This is through decades of working through many jobs and under dozens of bosses. The most important lessons I’ve learned are actually related to honing your career and the best method to […]

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We live in a time where simply being happy is not so easy. Many people struggle to stay positive as they struggle with their daily trials and tribulations. So yes there are many circumstances that can drain some of the […]


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Life is about numbers. Life is about the endless chance towards the highest percentage and the best accounts. Life is about mathematics and accounting and science. Life is most definitely not about creativity. And that is why Art and Design […]

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When the economy is in trouble, many professionals turn to Distance Learning Education. Here are nine reasons why earning an distance learning qualification is a smart way to deal with a recession. 1. Invest in Yourself When stocks are down and savings accounts […]

Earn a Education in a Troubled Economy

Why you should Study By furthering your studies you will acquire good skills for life. Whatever you choose to specialise in, it’s as much about learning how to study as it is about what you’re learning. By acquiring a certain […]

Why you should Study

Yes, Ideal Crew? I’m talking about the new partnership with Skills Academy especially for You (Students). We all know that job hunting is both tiring and stressful. Average one to ten candidates will likely get the job. So what is […]

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Do you have a few moments to spare please? I would like to please have a few moments of your time to tell you about our fantastic range of courses which we offer at Skills Academy For those of you […]

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