Being successful, that’s the dream.


One of the biggest questions that everyone asks is how can I be successful?

Or I’m not successful what did I do wrong?

Many people make success seem like Mount Everest impossible and not achievable except for a special few.


That isn’t the case, Success is like Table Mountain you can take the cable car or you can walk up. But even the hard way success will never be Mount Everest.

Now there a certain things that you need to do to get on the cable car to the top. Make no mistake the cable car is not a short cut, it still involves work and dedication. Remember the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.

There are 3 main phases to being successful, the preparation, try again or pushing forward.

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First step to succeed is to plan.

You need to define your plan to achieve what you want. Then make goals to get to that final result that you want. If you wanted to write a bestseller for example a first goal would be to write a book second to find a publisher, third to have a book published and in stores fourth keep trying until your book is a bestseller.

Normally goals would be more complicated and numerous, yet it’s important to set them. Start by dividing into short medium and long. Manage your expectations, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and you won’t succeed in one, be realistic about your abilities, chances and timeline for your goals, but never give up.

Second step is to start doing this. Planning is one thing but getting down to actually working on it is something else. You need to have motivation and be energetic and passionate about everything that could help you succeed. No one but you can put your plans in motion working through each step and achieving each goal. Most importantly is to start, consider every move carefully but don’t let your own over thinking lead to failure or a fear to start.


Believe in yourself and your decisions.

Third step begins with reflection. Ask yourself, did I achieve my goals?

What else would I like to achieve? Is this my limit?

forget your age, its never too lateThis means that you should not stop working once you have tried for your goals to be successful.

Even if you failed, many people do at one point in their lives, that is the time to dust yourself and then make adjustments in your plan so next time it works.

Motivation does matter, skills academy blog

If you have succeed don’t just stop keep pushing forward challenge yourself and work to be even more successful set more goals and push yourself to be as successful as you can be.

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Have a wonderful day 🙂