Career Tips

I have learned many lessons throughout my career. This is through decades of working through many jobs and under dozens of bosses. The most important lessons I’ve learned are actually related to honing your career and the best method to go about it.

Congratulations you, have been picked to benefit from my mistakes so that you won’t have to make them! I won’t share with you every lesson I ever learned just the 3 most important ones:

  1. Choose a job that you will enjoy

    This doesn’t mean that you should wait on getting a job because none of them seem to make you happy. I mean that you should pursue a job that is in a field that you find interesting. This will make your job more enjoyable.

  2. Aim for position not money

    If you have the good fortune to be able to decide on which company to work for, going for the higher paying one is not always the right answer. If job 1 is paying an extra 10% more than job 2 but you have no job security then the better option could easily be job 2.

  3. Measure against yourself

    careerWhat I mean by this is that it can often be detrimental to compare yourself to others’ standards. There are two cases where this can be bad. Case 1: You compare yourself to someone who is better than you, because they have more training and experience than you. This normally discourages you as you view them as superior. Or Case 2: You compare yourself to people who perform much lower than yourself. This results in you becoming lazy in your job and promotes the feeling that you’re fine as long as you do better than your colleagues. That is not the right mindset to have to improve your career. However measuring against yourself is all about improving, it does not matter if the people around you perform better or worse as long as you are getting better.

Those are the three most valuable tips I have learned throughout my career. I hope that they will help you find success in the workplace.

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