Creative Studies

Life is about numbers. Life is about the endless chance towards the highest percentage and the best accounts. Life is about mathematics and accounting and science. Life is most definitely not about creativity.

And that is why Art and Design as course, and as school, subjects are often (almost always) overlooked when it comes to importance.

Creative Studies: They matter

“Creativity will get you nowhere,” they said. “What job will you get by studying… Art…?” they said. Creative studies Creative Studies studentare often seen as a waste of time, money and energy. Creative studies will never lead to jobs. And creative studies will always be lesser in society.

But do you know what? Creativity is one of the most important characteristics one could have and develop. Creativity is what leads to amazing developers such as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. It’s because of their creative minds that they have become such icons within the business world of today. Had Steve Jobs never thought up the concept of the Mac and had he never drawn up a design of what he was imagining that day in his garage, computers, as we know it today, wouldn’t have existed. The Mac wouldn’t have existed.

Steve Jobs was a Creative Thinker!

Creative minds think outside of the box. Being creative allows you to move away from the normal way of thinking. This movement allows for innovation. This innovation changes the world. It’s important to note that Steve Jobs couldn’t code. There’s no indication that he was exceptionally talented in the math or science field. Steve Jobs was a designer, an innovator. And his designs are what he’ll be remembered for, Creative Studies thinkernot his inability to write code.

It’s creative minds that create products and opportunities for accountants and mathematicians and scientists. Creative minds have ideas that form the world.

Creative minds have ideas that form the world

This is why it’s important not to let others push you away from your creative passions. There are many opportunities within Creative Studies and I urge you to explore them. Skills Academy has a wide variety of Creative Studies you can pursue, which you can find here.

Always follow your passions and never be afraid to step outside of the norm. Be you.

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