Education, the great equalizer

People are always saying things about education.

Such as “Education is important” or “The government must spend more time and money on upgrading the educational facilities of the country.”



Yet many people don’t understand all the benefits education can have besides those that are work related. It can be personal things that can be positively influenced by anyone receiving a good education.

Being ignorant about issues, which is just another way of saying not being educated, can be damaging to a person’s physical and emotional well being.


People who are educated have generally more respect for themselves and others have more respect for them because everyone likes an educated person.

Being educated can also help you overcome superstitions and other obstacles that hold you back, being educated allows many people to move past beliefs that hold them back in life and ultimately keep them from their dreams.

Therefore isn’t education going to help you fulfill your dreams?


Having an education can also make people independent, it’s always nice to say we have people who love and care for us, but isn’t it great to know that you can walk on your own two feet and not have to worry if someone is there to catch you.

God may have given you your physical legs, but education will give you the legs that will carry you through life. Education is the key to righting many social wrongs in society.




What is more important than equality? Many countries and organizations are fixated on it, and rightfully so.

Education will promote this equality, because a world where everyone can be educated is a world where everyone can be equal and that’s a vision all of us can support.

Society desires equality as it desires educated people, society will look more favorably on those that are educated enabling them to get the best life has to offer; and who doesn’t want the best?


How many people wonder everyday if the decision they are going to make is really for the best?

If this person who wants to sell them this new product really has their best interests at heart?

Being educated will help you identify these common pitfalls. This may seem unlikely, however, a misconception about education is that it only helps you learn about the course you are busy with.

For example studying accounting allows you to be an accountant and that’s it. This is FALSE! Studying an accounting course helps you be smart with your money, helps you track your expenses and incomes, how you can save more money for the long term and therefore help your overall standard of living.



Now a problem that many people have is that, they missed out on the opportunity that is education. It’s never too to start studying, to become educated.

There are some colleges that actually help you in this regards. From anything to allowing you to study something if you have grade 10 to allowing you to do courses that have the same qualification level as a matric certificate.

To name one of these fine establishments, Skills Academy, they really do help you achieve what you desire even if you aren’t in the best circumstances.

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I urge everyone to consider how important education really is. If you won’t listen to me listen to a quote by a great man.


Take Care!