Forget your age, it’s not too late

Many people, especially after turning thirty, feel that they may have missed their chance to become what they wanted to be.  Late teens and the twenties are usually seen as the “right time” to study towards a career and after thirty, it’s time to put food on the table and “settle down”. The thought of giving a couple years to studies and then going through processes of interning and looking for jobs just feels so long. The calendar is not your best friend when you think about it. You cannot fathom the idea of being a 36 year old intern being sent to make coffee by your 21 year old boss.forget your age, its never too lateI realised that if you live your life looking at the calendar and looking at the number of years and months it might take you to succeed, yes it will seem long. But what seems even longer is a lifetime of looking at other people graduating year after year, being promoted at work, starting businesses,etc. When you look back and think about the time you first thought about changing your life you may actually realise that if you had started then you would be graduating this year. And if you had humbled yourself and made coffee for bosses ten years younger than you by now you would have plenty of experience to go and work for someone else, start your own business or still be working there but achieving what you wanted to achieve. Everything seems so much bigger and more difficult when you sit and think about it than when you actually do it. Time flies when you are busy, so if you brave through whatever training you need you will soon find that there is much more living that has to be done after forty and fifty and sixty.

forget your age. never too late


They say talk is cheap. So here are some success stories that will demonstrate what I am talking about:

5 Celebrities who  succeeded later in life

  • Susan Boyle. She competed in the singing competition, Britain’s got talent in 2009 and became famous at the age of 47. Before that she had never sung professionally before and after the competition she got a recording deal.
  • Colonel Sanders(KFC). He started working towards his restaurant idea at the age of 65.
  • Julia Child. She only enrolled into cooking school after the age of 36 and she ended up having a successful TV show and cookbooks. She published her first cook book at 50.
  • Mother Teresa. She established her first charity organisation (Missionaries of Charity) at the age of 40.
  • Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn. He started LinkedIn at the age of 35 and it only went public when he was 43. 

Age is not an excuse, go out there or look within yourself, find your purpose in life and start working towards it. After all,  age is not an issue unless you are a piece of cheese or a bottle of wine 🙂

Good luck!