Get your Employer to Pay for Your Studies



Most employers really want their staff to study.

The benefits of staff who are busy improving their qualifications are easy to see.

And most employers will help you with your studies by giving you time off to study or by helping to pay for your studies.

How do you get your Employer to help pay for your Studies?



Step One: Make sure you understand your Company’s Rules on Training

  • The training should be relevant to your work situation;
  • Chat with your direct Manager about what kind of qualification would be appropriate for your job;
  • What is the deadline for applying for training in your company?

HINT: You might have noticed a problem in your workplace which you can fix or improve with the right training. Thus you are showing interest in your work and displaying problem-solving skills.

Step Two: Book a meeting with your Manager or HR Manager

  • Find out what training would make you better at your job.
  • Find the right course and its price.
  • Explain to your manager that you want to get trained, and WHY you want to get trained.
  • Explain that you have selected a College with a good reputation and accreditation. Click here to read more about our accreditation



 Step Three: Explain the Advantages to your Manager or your Company

  • Your employer gets an employee who is actively interested in the company;
  • You want a CAREER, not just a JOB – you have a long-term commitment to the company;
  • Knowledgeable employees work smarter and more cost-effectively;
  • Involved employees set a positive example to others;
  • Employers pay a Skills Levy anyway and thus the company can claim back money they spend on training.



Step Four: Motivate Your Request

  • Explain WHY you want to study – mention the advantages to your employer.
  • Negotiate – ask what your employer wants in return. Perhaps you can work off the cost, or, pay the money back if they give you a loan. Perhaps ask them to give you a head-start by paying for the Registration Fee – this will also help you.
  • Did you know that if your company pays for your studies, and if they pay your full study fee in advance, then you can get a discount on your study fee.



Good luck!

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