We live in a time where simply being happy is not so easy. Many people struggle to stay positive as they struggle with their daily trials and tribulations. So yes there are many circumstances that can drain some of the happiness in their lives. However, many people either do certain things, or don’t do certain, things that make their situation.

Here are some things that people (possible you) do that lessens their happiness:

  1. No self respect.

    This may shock some people, but self respect is a big part of your happiness. Not only does having a positive opinion make you feel more positive towards life and yourself, but it also helps in regards to your relationships with others. For example having a low self esteem, leads you to think that others are better than you. So you will accept it when they treat you badly. But if you have a good self-esteem, you will make sure to find friends who treat you with respect. This will make you much happier.


  2. Holding on to the past.

    You know what can sour even the sweetest moments: Regret. Regretting past actions, whether it is yours or other peoples’ is a sure way to hold you back from being happy. Holding onto the past stops you from enjoying the present. So stop it, enjoy the present and as for the past, well just, let it go!

  3. Fears.

    No, I’m not referring to you not wanting to bungee jump because you’re scared of heights. I’m referring to a much darker side of fear. Fear of letting yourself be happy and experience life. Many people get hurt throughout their life, but some people have it so bad they just stop feeling. They discourage themselves from ever feeling hope or happiness. As soon as this becomes the case, there is very little chance of ever becoming truly happy. You may be familiar with the famous line. It is better to have loved and been hurt than to have never loved at all. That is the same when it comes to happiness, it’s better to experience life and happiness and occasionally get hurt then to hide away, because you’re worried about being hurt.

happinessI hope that none of these things are keeping you from being happy, and if they are I hope you’ve been convinced to conquer these obstacles. Then, you too, can live your life as it was meant to be: Filled with happiness.

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