Have You heard about Ideal Crew?

Yes, Ideal Crew?

I’m talking about the new partnership with Skills Academy especially for You (Students).

We all know that job hunting is both tiring and stressful.

Average one to ten candidates will likely get the job.


So what is going to happen to the remaining nine candidates?

Is this considered to be just unfair and waste of time, just because…:

  • recruitment agency advised them that they looked suitable for the relevant job?
  • they were on shortlist and then they did not make it to the final three filtered candidates?
  • they deserved a lot more than whatever it belittled them?


I know the prejudices.  I know the favoritism.  I know ‘so-called special treatments’ that are rarely happening.  A lot of negativity.  You name it.

Skills Academy has recognized the hard work that their students (even you) are doing in order to study, paying off their installments and achieving their lifetime goals.

Skills Academy has acknowledged that it is not right to simply send students certifications and stop there by means of leaving them stranded.

Therefore, Ideal Crew is there!

Existing and new students who are and will be part of Skills Academy students group has the opportunity to be assisted in their journey to look for employment.

What does this mean?

Ideal Crew will assist Skills Academy Students in cv preparations, thoroughly scanning, recruiting, interviewing and recommending the best potential candidates for job positions they have on their database.


Ideal Crew will first consider YOU (Skills Academy Student) before the public.

Read more of how Ideal Crew can assist you:

How we will help you with Job Hunting



The Ideal Crew is our welcomed and instrumental recruitment specialist.

Ideal Crew is here to assist you!

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We love to encourage you to be part of this exciting phase that will take care of your post student phase.





Good Luck!

We will do what it takes for you to be successful in life.

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