The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Phoenix That is Jan Badenhorst 1 comment

Just under seven months ago I became part of a startup distance learning college called Skills Academy. In that time I have been very fortunate to work with the indomitable Jan Badenhorst.

Jan Badenhorst Skills Academy

I remember sitting in my interview and meeting Jan. He was straight forward and his questions to me generally went far off the script that I’m used to during an interview. At the time I wasn’t sure if he liked me but as I learned later, this is a tactic Jan uses to make sure he employs the right people.

I know how hard Jan has worked to get this company to where it is today. From Pain to Profit: The First 1,000 Days is an article that describes Jan’s journey to this point, highlighting the highs and lows of creating a start-up.

During my time here, I have heard many of Jan’s stories about his time at Intec and College SA; his trials and tribulations, all which led him to start Skills Academy. I heard about how Jan helped to grow Intec but noticed many problems with how they did business with their students. When he got a chance, he started his own distance learning college called College SA.

College SA grew from strength to strength very quickly. Unfortunately, growth like that comes with its own downsides. Jan was eventually removed from the company he started because of conflicting views.

At this point, many of us would probably have just given up. Not Jan Badenhorst. It was at this time that he and Tabitha Bailey decided to start Skills Academy. Three years later, Skills Academy is just getting bigger and stronger day by day.

Congratulations Jan, and here’s to the next 1000 days and beyond!


Written by: Clifford Ekron

Last Updated: April 25, 2019


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