Job Interviews: Do’s and Don’ts

Getting a job isn’t easy, most people have been in the circumstances where they go through struggle to get a job. This struggle can easily be a very difficult and tedious process. You need every single advantage that you can get. This includes having a great CV, applying for multiple jobs and most importantly making a good impression at all interviews.

Getting a job isn’t easy; getting an interview is

This isn’t always easy but it is always necessary. Now there are many ways to try and impress an interviewer, however you should consider improving something that will undoubtedly make the interviewer happy. Things that actual interviewers and employers, have not only complained about but full on clamoured for.

What job interviewers want and don’t want from you

  1. They want friendliness. No interviewer or employee wants a disgruntled rude employee. So why would they hire someone who acts exactly in that way. You should make eye-contact, smile and look eager.
  1. They want you to be unique. After a large amount of interviews its easy for you to just be a face in the crowd or a number on the sheet. If you really have a drive and show great enthusiasm and plans then you might actually catch the interviewers attention and stand out from the endless pack.

Be unique

  1. They want you to ask about the job. Asking a large amount of questions about the job and the work you will be doing is a plus. Interviewers will really like it when you, are showing a real interest in the business and already seeing where your place in it could be. However an equal and opposite don’t to this is asking about other not work related questions. Such as vacation time and raises. Save that for negotiations when you actually get the job.

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