Load shedding getting you down? Why let it?

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I can’t remember the last time I spoke to someone for more than an hour without looking at my phone. If the TV is on I probably try to half listen to the person I’m with and half focus on my favourite soapie. The current ongoing load shedding by Eskom made me angry at first until I realised that I can be productive with the time I spend away from electric gadgets. Modern technology is amazing because it connects us to the world out there but what we don’t realise is that it disconnects us from the people around us in our own homes. This past weekend I couldn’t watch my TV series during a power outage so I was forced to do other things and I ended up cleaning the house and visiting a friend. The lack of power forced me to look around and see how I could be useful at home and I got to see my friend face to face rather than in a profile picture.


So the next time when power goes out in the evening, light some candles and catch up with friends and family. It’s so much more fulfilling than telling a whole story typing away with your thumb on your phone. You may be surprised to find out that so much has happened in the lives of those around you that you didn’t even notice while you were wrapped up in TV programs and video games and all the other things that we do daily.


If you are a Skills Academy student you are lucky because your study material gets mailed to you so you don’t have to worry about your laptop not being charged so you can study. If it’s during the day, find your favourite spot in the house or outside and get some studying done!


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