Matric 2015: Here’s Why You Don’t Need That Bachelors Pass

Dear Matrics of 2015:

Congratulations with all you passes, all you distinctions and even all your failures. Today I’m here to remind you why these failures will neither define you for the rest of your life nor your career. These failures will only prepare you for the hardships you’re sure to experience throughout your life.

Matrics Studying Exams

I’m sure that throughout your high school career you’ve been told to aim for that magical “bachelors pass”! The pass that will ensure acceptance at the university or college of your dreams; The pass that will ensure a successful career; The pass that will ensure a successful life.


Let me be completely honest with you: That MAGICAL pass does not exist.

No pass could ever ensure that all your goals will be achieved and all your dreams will be realised.

Thus, with or without this MAGICAL pass you can still reach for the stars: You can still study your dream course; You can still enter your dream career; You can still have that MAGICAL life you’ve been dreaming of.

Right now you may be asking how you can even start this journey when you’ve failed (or barely passed) matric. How can you further your education and finally get involved in your ideal career without a satisfactory matric certificate?

The answer is simple: You find a college that meets all of your requirements. You find a college that works for you. You

find a college that will ultimately help you Matric Students of 2015 Exam Prepreach your dreams. While it might seem unrealistic right now, when you start researching you’ll realise just how many different options there are for people who did not achieve that MAGICAL pass.

Let me shed some light on a prime example of a college that will cater to your needs: Skills Academy. Skills Academy is a distance learning college. This means that you can study part-time while you work full-time. This means that no matter what your career plans are you do not have to put them on hold for your studies. Most of their courses are readily available without a matric certificate, thus you still have a wide variety of choices in which path you wish to follow.

The following is a list of sites to help you choose the right college for you:
Below is a list of colleges to consider when pursuing a tertiary education without a Bachelors pass in matric:

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