My life on the other side of 30

When I was young I used to look at people over the age of 30 and think that they were so ancient. I could not imagine there being much to forward to after that age. No more school, friends all married or busy with jobs and life just becoming serious because there would be bills to pay. When I was young mistakes used to have less serious consequences than they do now. Now that I have crossed over to the other side of 30 I do not feel old at all. I still feel like there is still a lot to learn, so much more to life than I thought there would be. After 30, there is a lot more time to think about your own life because you are not too busy thinking about what you and your group of friends are going to be doing during the weekend. You will still have a few good friends who will be in your life for specific reasons not a large group of people who you just attend the school or college with.


5 Life lessons learnt in my 30s

  • Choose friends wisely. Go for quality not quantity. Quality friends are those that will directly or indirectly help you achieve your goals.
  • Not everything is a competition in life. We all have different gifts, purposes and are headed in different directions. Do what works for you at a pace that works for you.
  • You are never too old to be whatever you want to be. You can start studying now from scratch and still achieve your goals.
  • Actions have consequences so everything you do will either be punished or rewarded. At this age it’s wiser to think carefully before making choices.
  • Work hard and work smart. Those are the 2 best strategies that will get you to where you need to be.