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Hello there. Welcome to our diary entry series. We are going to be taking a peek at the diary entries of some of our readers. See whether you can relate to any of their stories, and see how they solved their predicaments. Feel free to leave your comments in the box below.

My Life With No Matric

For our first entry, meet our birthday girl: she was kind enough to share her story with us…

My Life with No Matric

9 June 2014

Dear Diary

It’s my birthday… again!!! Birthdays always come so quickly – before I get the chance to do any of the things that I promised myself I’d do before the next birthday comes along.

My phone is off, as it always is on my birthday. I hate it when people call me to wish me for my birthday. The conversation always turns to, “So, what are you doing these days?” What will I tell them? That I am still waiting for the one or two days a week when Tamy’s Bar & Grill is short-staffed so that they call me in to assist?

All my friends did well at school, and now they have very good jobs and nice cars. How can I compete with that?  I feel like this every birthday, because it is a reminder of how much of my life I am wasting.

I don’t think there is any way out of this predicament, because with no Matric, it is a harsh world for me. I can’t go to college to learn a new skill and advance myself, because they all require Matric. Even if I did get the chance to study, I do not think I would pass. I always found schoolwork difficult. Back then, I still had my friends to help me with homework, so what chance do I possibly have now? Anyway, I am probably too old to start studying now. Everyone my age has already finished their studies.

I wish I could find a way to get out of this pit and celebrate my birthday differently next year. I wish I could get some education, even though I have no Matric. If only…

Yours truly

Sad Birthday Girl 

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4 thoughts on “My Life with No Matric

  • Santie Stander

    Altwee my seuns het nie matriek nie en bedryf hul eie besighede, maar dit gaan nie goed nie en hul sukkel om vaste werk te kry. Ek prober hul finansieel help maar kan nie so aangaan nie aangesien my finansies nie als kan behartig nie. Ek wens soms is daar iewers n uitkoms sonder allerhande scemes en uitbyterry.


    • admin Post author

      Hi Santie

      Ek dink dat dit is baie braaf en goedhartig van jou om jou seuns finansieël uit te help. Ek verstaan dat dit soms moeilik kan wees en mens kan ook nie mens se kinders teen al die slegte goed beskerm in die wêreld nie, al wil mens. Die beste wat mens kan doen is om hul voorteberei vir wat die lewe dalk mag bring. Ons bied verskeie kursusse aan wat jou seuns kan swot sonder om matriek te hê. As hulle dalk sou belangstel, stuur asb vir ons jou kontak besonderhede en ons sal jou terug skakel. Hoop ons kan die geleentheid kry om jou hardwerkende seuns te help.