Need an Internship? Here’s How to Look

Competition for career opportunities is very high these days. You need to get creative in the way you search. It may not come easy but if you do not give up you will get what you need in the end.



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Here are some ideas that you can make use of to find an internship:

• Offer to shadow someone who is in a position that you want to be and in a company that you would like to work in. This way you are close enough to know about any vacancy openings and they might appreciate you well enough to want to employ you full time.
• Make the internet your friend. Many companies post internships opportunities online every day. You can also check newspapers or listen to some radio shows that announce such opportunities.
• Volunteer. Many organisations look for volunteers for functions or certain projects. Be the first to offer your time and services. If you do a good job you will be the first person they think of if an internship/ employment opportunity opens up.
• Get connected. Get in touch with employed people and let them know that you are looking for an internship. Sometimes companies do not think of hiring an intern unless someone in the office suggests it. If you have people who know you are searching, the might be able to help.
• Get your CV in shape and out there. There are online communities that you can join and tell people who you are and even post your CV. Also, have your CV ready in hard and soft copy because you never know when somebody might ask to see it.
• Attend career fairs. Most colleges and universities have open days where companies speak to students about what they do. They also talk about how to get into their internship programmes and you can get their contact details.

Find out more ways to look for internships and do not be disheartened by some closed doors.
Good luck!!

We at Skills Academy offer career advice to our students. Get in touch with your tutor and ask them for advice on how to go about getting internships in your particular field.



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