Most employers really want their staff to study. The benefits of staff who are busy improving their qualifications are easy to see. And most employers will help you with your studies by giving you time off to study or […]

Get your Employer to Pay for Your Studies

If you want to become successful in the competitive Hospitality and Tourism industry, you will need the following skills and personal characteristics: Good communication skills Love of working with people Ability to work in a team Enthusiasm Passion for service […]

Succeed in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

My fascination is with Icons. Titans. Heroes. And Legends… …the great souls who accept the call to greatness we each have on our lives and rise up to their best. On a visit to Johannesburg to deliver a leadership presentation […]

Why Mandela Won

Five Skills Every Successful Interior Designer should have  Interior design is a highly-skilled profession. As such, interior designers need to have a range of technical and other skills if they are to lead successful careers. Here is a list of […]

Skills for Successful Interior Designers

Every person wants to be the best person they can. They want to learn how to improve themselves and make positive changes and transitions in their lives. This is not an easy process and can take a very long time […]

Your road to Personal Growth

Almost every working adult knows how hard it is to get a job, that’s a universal truth; it has gotten so bad that people who are skilled workers or went to university can’t even get jobs. So yes, we all […]

Getting that job

  According to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences older persons who make a point of reading regularly, are half as likely to get Alzheimer’s. Reading alone might not prevent Alzheimer’s, but it does help you retain […]

Importance of reading

Being positive is a real challenge for many people, in the modern world our daily life is often referred to as “the rat race that is life”. Many students struggle with higher stress and depression that has ever been seen before. […]


One of the biggest questions that everyone asks is how can I be successful? Or I’m not successful what did I do wrong? Many people make success seem like Mount Everest impossible and not achievable except for a special few. That […]

Being successful, that’s the dream.

People are always saying things about education. Such as “Education is important” or “The government must spend more time and money on upgrading the educational facilities of the country.”   Yet many people don’t understand all the benefits education can […]

Education, the great equalizer

Do you find yourself wondering what you need to do in order to change your life?   Do you wish that somebody would just give you a much needed break?   The truth is that if you wish to change […]

Change your life for a Better YOU

We made it into the New year!!! Each day we spend on earth is a blessing. The best way to use this blessing is to enjoy every minute of it. Sometimes being happy takes a bit of effort because things […]

Walk on sunshine in 2015

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2014 Matric results are out and there is a lot of hype around them. It is the beginning of a brand new year and the outcome of those results determines how those who wrote are going to spend the rest […]

Matric results are out! What does this mean for you?

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I can’t remember the last time I spoke to someone for more than an hour without looking at my phone. If the TV is on I probably try to half listen to the person I’m with and half focus on […]

Load shedding getting you down? Why let it?