Short Courses

According to the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, on the AAPS website, a short course is defined as “an educational endeavour … in a short period of time”.

Skills Academy’s website also has a thorough explanation as to what a short course is, which can be found here. But in short they explain it as a way to acquire (or better) skills within a time period that doesn’t exceed a few months.

Time is a concern

There are many reasons as to why you should be considering a short course, but time is definitely the main concern. One of the perks of short courses are exactly that: They are short. They don’t take up that much of your time and are generally completed in a short timeframe.

While a short course isn’t taking up tooShort courses goals much of your time, it’s still enabling you in ways that you’ve never been before. When completed, you’ll have an enhanced CV (curriculum vitae), which will empower you to apply to a wider variety (and better paying) jobs. But, if a new job isn’t what you’re looking for, you must also realise that short courses will allow you to generally become better in your job, simply because you’re acquiring new skills.

Helps you acquire new skills

Short courses are also great mechanisms when you’re unsure of which career to pursue. Colleges and universities are great financial burdens, so wasting your time in a course that you’re uninterested in is simply not an option. Short courses allows you to experience a sector before permanently committing to it. You won’t yet have the time or financial burden as you would when investing in a long term course or training.

You can also find a wide variety of short courses at the bottom of this Skills Academy web page. You’ll find short courses ranging from Digital Photography to ICB Bookkeeping (junior and senior).

Here’s three reasons why Short Courses are epic:

  1. Fast and easy

Short courses are great ways to learn new skills. Generally they’re easily accessible, almost always online, and (specifically at Skills Academy) they allow you to study whenever and from where ever it pleases you. Short courses are completed in extremely short periods and won’t give you such a permanent time constraint as long term courses.

  1. No financial burden

Short courses are generally cheap and even if you don’t want to classify them as cheap, they’re at least cheaper than long term courses. Short courses are always affordable.

  1. Success in the workplace

Short courses allow you to better your Happy studentskills in the workplace. Simultaneously you’re also boosting your CV with this new training, which will allow you to apply for better jobs. Short courses will also allow you to keep up to date with developments within your sector. Some areas of training will be updated every few years to better suit current technology and it’s best for you to stay updated too. (A great example of this is first aid training in which some techniques change constantly)

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