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employersEleanor Roosevelt once said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” And this is extremely important to remember when applying for that dream job! It’s important to believe in yourself even if you fail and fail and fail… If you keep trusting in yourself, eventually your dreams will come true.

Now, to help you make those dreams come true; here are a few things that your employers wish you knew:

1.    Your appearance matters.

You can’t expect interviewers to think that you are serious about a job if you can’t even look neat. Look neat and show an interest in more than just words.employers

2.    Being honest holds a lot more value than being deceitful and showing off.

Honestly, if you answer that your greatest weakness is, “I work to hard” the interviewer is not going to take you seriously. Even if that is true. Its guaranteed that the interviewer is tired to death of this “honest response”. Give unique but true answers to really impress an interviewer and to show him you mean business.

3.    An interview is not personal.

NO matter what an interviewer asks or says it is never meant to be anything but professional. No matter what it may seem like to you that is the main purpose of an interview. therefore you should also conduct yourself in a well-mannered and respectful way. Even the rejections are not personal, and are simply what the interviewer and other consultants is best for their business and doesn’t mean they think badly of you.

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One thought on “What Your Employers Wish You Knew

  • Richard

    Thanks for sharing these 3 tips. It always vital to remember basics.
    Being honest is always important, better to develop other skills as well. That’s why I use portals as this http://liftmyskills.com/ and yours, of course for inspiration and tips on my behavior.